August 25, 2017
He is known primarily as a cybersecurity guru of sorts, such is his penchant for cybersecurity. And the experience Charles Leaver has gained at all levels of the tech industry since 1982 serves him well as the CEO of security giant Ziften. His penchant for building better tech security models is built from immense knowledge, but it was probably triggered when Chuck owned, operated and managed several technologically advanced lottery systems in South America, Asia and Europe. He has since become a peerless advocate for better cybersecurity throughout the tech sector.
Charles Leaver
Overall, Charles Leaver is optimistic about the future of his area of the tech business because he believes that all future tech will need better security. For example, Chuck is absolutely certain the "Internet of Things" will create a whole new range of opportunities for innovators in the security field and he believes Ziften is in a fine position to make strides over the next phase of the technological revolution. That’s why Ziften occupies a secure place in the cybersecurity realm.